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It is not unusual to be worried when your child heads off to school for their first year in Prep. I'm an older mum with only one child, so every experience my daughter has is a new experience for me too. She starts Prep this year, and I am both nervous and excited for her. I want to use this blog to help other mums whose children are either beginning Prep this year or in the coming years ahead. I will share tips for first day nerves, getting into the grove of schooling, and how to tackle relations with other children of this age group. It is going to be an exciting year of growth for us both.



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Embracing the Prep School Year

How Learning to Drive Will Help You Earn a Part-Time Wage While You're in School

by Marcia Wagner

If you've reached the legal driving age of 17 (or you're going to in the near future) and you want to earn a part-time wage while you're still at school, you should consider learning how to drive. From making employers look favourably on you to ensuring you can fit work around your school obligations, having a driver's licence can be a big help in making money. Here are just 3 ways it'll boost your potential income.

You Can Apply for Less Popular Jobs

One of the biggest obstacles to earning money while you're in school is actually finding a job. School students' available hours aren't ideal for most employers, so there will always be fewer jobs available for you than there are for adults. The most common jobs out there, like waitering and working in a shop, tend to be popular with young people, so you may find that they've been snatched up by your classmates before you can even apply. However, if you know how to drive, you'll have a lot more opportunity. Jobs that require a driving licence, such as delivery work, will always have less competition than those that anyone your age can apply to. Some employers may even be able to provide a company car for you to use, so it's worth learning how to drive even if you can't afford your own car just yet.

You Won't Be Late for Work

Sometimes keeping your job can be just as hard as getting it in the first place. Consistently turning up to work late could lead to you getting fired. However, when you have to transport yourself between home, school, extra-curriculars, socialising and work on foot, a bike or public transport, it can be hard to stay timely. If you can drive a car, you're much more likely to get to work on time, even on days when your schedule is packed. Since some employers are reluctant to hire young people because they're perceived as irresponsible and more likely to be late, having a car can also help swing a job interview in your favour.

You Can Earn Money on the Side

Knowing how to drive can also help if you don't want to get a traditional part-time job or you want to earn more money than the typical position provides. Any teenager can earn money on the side from odd jobs, but there are many more jobs you can do if you can drive. For example, you can charge classmates or neighbours for rides out of town or to the airport. You can also earn money helping people move house, chauffeuring people's children to extra-curricular activities, or even by placing advertising decals on your car if you have your own vehicle.

If you're ready to start driving in order to earn some money, contact local driving schools to find out what steps you need to take to get your license.