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Embracing The Prep School Year

It is not unusual to be worried when your child heads off to school for their first year in Prep. I'm an older mum with only one child, so every experience my daughter has is a new experience for me too. She starts Prep this year, and I am both nervous and excited for her. I want to use this blog to help other mums whose children are either beginning Prep this year or in the coming years ahead. I will share tips for first day nerves, getting into the grove of schooling, and how to tackle relations with other children of this age group. It is going to be an exciting year of growth for us both.



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Embracing the Prep School Year

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Understanding the Various Categories of Dangerous Goods

Today, there are many forms of transport. Road, rail, air and waterways provide the means people need to move from one place to another, together with any luggage that they would like to carry. Notably, the type of luggage varies in terms of the risk it poses to the people using that means of transport. This is where dangerous goods come. These are goods that expose people to significant danger when using certain means of transport.

Roles of Attendants During Confined Space Work

People who are undergoing confined space training are told to always have an attendant (someone that stays outside the confined space as those within that space work) each time they have some work to do within a confined space, such as a silo or deep trench. That attendant takes care of the following. Monitors Atmospheric Conditions The attendant plays a vital role in ensuring that the atmospheric conditions don't change drastically to a level that will endanger those who are working within the confined space.